We Need Your Story

We Need Your Story

Request for Personal Testimonials for Cotacachi.org

Are you an expat living in Cotacachi, Ecuador? Would you be interested in sharing your relocation story to help others in making their decision to move to Cotacachi?

We’re looking for a few personal testimonials for our “retire here” and “personal testimonials” pages that present “the good, bad and the ugly” to assist others in planning their move to Cotacachi. If you are interested in sharing your story, please PM us or email us at: admin@cotacachi.org.

Note: this is a completely voluntary request. You will not be paid for your story, however you will be published on a worldwide website. In addition, your story may be edited for “readability”, but  you will be informed of the changes prior to publication and can decline or accept these changes and your participation.

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