Spas and Hot Springs

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Cotacachi has two high quality spas in town and three wonderful hot springs within driving distance that have much to offer for a relaxing experience while enjoying the beauty of the Andes.

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Peguche Falls

Peguche Falls is approximately 15 minutes from Cotacachi and has a wonderful hot spring set against a backdrop of the forest with a river and waterfall.
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Chachimbiro Hot Springs

Adopt the “slow attitude” and add a soul and spirit supplement.
Here at the top of the hills, surrounded by mountains and bathed by the thermal heat of its slopes, we wait for our clients to take care of their health and at the same time offer a relaxing experience that rebalances your vital energy.
Tel: +593 06 293 6051 | +593 99 874 7878
Email: info@termaschachimbiro.com

Termas Nangulvi

The Termas Nangulvi Ecotourism Complex is a spa that has hot springs of 50 ° C temperature, at the moment there are 6 pools of different temperatures, in addition to services of Lodging in Family Cabins with Triple Rooms and Restaurant with menus and dishes to the letter. We also have parking and room for events plus camping recreation area and link with tourist activities in Intag communities through the Intag Ecotourism Network and other actors.

Tel: +593 06 301 5892
Email: termas.nangulvi@gmail.com

La Mirage Garden Hotel & Spa

La Mirage Spa offers a large range of different types of Massages and Treatments, including Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

At La Mirage we are happy to introduce the healing powers of a Female Shaman who has inherited years of experience from her father, a recognized Shaman of his own in this region. The Purification room at La Mirage is oriented towards the established indigenous healing practice for Body, Soul and Spirit.

Tel: +593 06 291 5237
Email: mirage1@mirage.com.ec