Peguche Falls

Located about 20 minutes from Cotacachi, Peguche Falls is one of the area’s most popular attractions. The waterfall is about 18 meters (or 58 feet) tall. A donation and sign-in is requested for entry. Peguche Falls is a highly important place for the indigenous Kichwa, serving as a purification place before the Inti Raymi celebrations each June.

While at Peguche Falls, you can explore the waterfall, hot springs, a replica of an indigenous community, many trails that wander along the stream, and a beautiful campground with restrooms. It is a great place for birders and there is the potential for wild animal sightings, such as chinchilla, guinea pig, or even a pudú (a South American deer).

Photos from Parks and Tribes at https://www.parks-and-tribes.com/national-parks/peguche/peguche-es.htm