Intag Cloud Forest

A 90 minute drive from Cotacachi, Intag is best known for it’s high quality organic coffee farms. Popular tourist attractions include butterfly farms, chocolate factories, hot springs, and adventure tours such as ziplining.

The various local communities, inhabited by approximately 20,000 people, provide small scale agriculture of products such as papayas, bananas, guavas, mandarins, beans, potatoes, corn, sugar cane, naranjilla and cacao.

Intag is also rich in minerals and several international mining companies have entered the area much to the dislike of the local communities.

While in Intag, you can explore the Nangulvi Hot Springs, the Nangulvi waterfall, the Wariman Temple to the Sun, the Rio Intag Coffee Co-Op, and the Sugarcane Processor in Pucara.

Make sure to visit Intag Cloud Forest Reserve (Reserva La Florida) is a 860 acre cloud forest reserve and education site. Those doing a day trip can hike and bird-watch in the reserve.

If you decide to stay overnight in Intag there are many lodges available. El Refugio de Intag, Pacheco Farmhouse, The Intag Cloud Forest Reserve, Nangulvi Complex, Junin EcoCabanas, and El Rosal.