Chicago Fire Department Donates Truck to Cotacachi

Chicago Fire Department Donates Truck to Cotacachi

Last Thursday, February 27, the Cotacachi Fire Department took ownership of a fire truck which was donated by the Chicago, Illinois Fire Department.

The ceremony was headed by Captain Giovanni Zamora Orbe, Commander of the Fire Department, along with members of the Municipality of Cotacachi.

Auki Tituaña Males, Mayor of the Canton, expressed his commitment to work for the benefit of all Cotacacheños. “From the Municipality we have spared no effort, we are contributing a contingent through the Plan called” Apuk Kuna, Guardians of Nature “, for the prevention and mitigation of fires, in addition to support in reforestation, river cleaning, along with the firefighters, said the mayor.

As part of the event, the mayor handed over the Arc de Triomphe medal to Captain Francisco Díaz, Sub Commander of the Fire Department of Cali, Colombia, who was recognized for the work coordinated with the Municipal Administration, with whom a cooperation agreement is maintained and who made the delivery of a golden coin as a symbol of respect and admiration.

For its part, the Captain Zamora Orbe, indicated that the Fire Department with the support of the Municipality of Cotacachi carried out the necessary procedures and logistics to cover freight, customs, transportation and payment expenses to the Internal Revenue Service for this unit to become operational. The motor pump, commercially valued at half a million dollars, is one hundred percent operational, and will serve to strengthen and optimize the work of the Cotacachi Fire Department.

It is a fire engine of American manufacture of the year 2003, and repowering in 2014, is fully operational, has a capacity of 250 gallons of water, with a pump capacity of 1500 gallons per minute.

The event was attended by Cecilia Cobos, Deputy Mayor of Cotacachi; Councilors of the Canton; Fire Department delegations from Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, Gualaquisa, Latacunga, Montecristi, Quito, Pimampiro, Urcuquí, Otavalo, Ibarra, Antonio Ante, Lima-Peru and Cali-Colombia; neighborhood representatives, community leaders and the public.


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