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Whether you need to take a short trip or complete a tour of Ecuador, these bus tour companies offer comfortable, affordable and convenient bus and mini-van tours and transportation to and from Cotacachi.

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We are the online Tourism Portal of the City of Cotacachi, Ecuador. We are a TOUR OPERATOR and our mission is to provide an unforgettable travel experience promoting tourism in Otavalo, Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands in a sustainable and socially responsible; Our trips are carefully planned and designed by experts. An exclusive trip waiting for you.

Tel: +593 99 713 3413
Email: equatorface@outlook.com

Quichua Native Travel Tours

Native Quichua Travel is a community organization that promotes the recovery and protection of culture and nature at the same time creating jobs for communities. Mother organization QUICHUA NATIVE TRAVEL encompasses several sub-community organization aimed at providing tourism services with excellence and quality; tourism service providers are thoroughly trained in different topics relating knowledge and good performance in the tourism area.

Tel: +593 06 2554243| +593 95 889 8416 | +593 98 572 1470 | +593 99 521 1425
Email: quichuatours@gmail.com | contact@quichuatours.com

MapochTour Viajes & Turismo

Let us accompany you on your trip … We provide passenger land transport service, with 11 years of experience covering routes at National and International level (Colombia and Peru), our values and responsibility with the services we offer thanks to the wide variety of vehicles we have available, wide and comfortable.

Tel: +593 98 872 1203

Runa Tupari Native Travel

Runa Tupari Native Travel is a tour operator specialized in rural community tourism. Runa Tupari in the local Kichwa language means “encounter with local people” and expresses our aim to facilitate cultural exchange between visitors and the inhabitants of the region. Visitors will experience a close contact with nature and, above all other things, a truly intercultural living space. Runa Tupari´s efforts have been recognized by many awards, amongst them the Merit Award by the Ecuadorian Ministry for Tourism (2008) and the Quality Certificate PACHAMAMA (2012).

Tel: +593 99 959 0646

Other Tour Bus options
leaving from Quito

Cotacachi is only 2 hours by bus or taxi from Quito, which makes it easy and affordable to utilize these excellent tour bus companies to enjoy all of Ecuador.

Tel: +593 02 322 7464 | +593 98 691 9193
Email: info@wanderbusecuador.com

Tel: +593 06 292 1277
Email: info@tripecuador.com

Tel: +593 02 245 8010 | +593 98 335 9796
Email: info@ecuadorhop.com

Tel: +593 02 394 8520
Email: reservas1@graylineecuador.travel